Tuesday, August 09, 2011

The Legacy Project

As many of you know my children are passionate about hip hop dance, it has literally changed Kylan's life.  Dancing has helped his left and right brain to connect better and when he is dancing regularly we don't seem as many Asperger's issues.  Dance has change Makenzie's life because she wants to minister to other's through dance and that's just why I'm so excited and happy to share with everyone about The Legacy Project.  Shayna and Adam have had a desire to start this ministry for all of the years that I've known them and I'm so happy that it has finally come to fruition.  Enjoy their promo videos and take the time to check out their website and read what they are all about, it's an amazing ministry that Kevin and I are so blessed to be a small part of.
The Legacy Project is a ministry whole-heartedly commited to excellence in faith and excellence in artistic ability.  -A quote taken from The Legacy Project blog



lynette355 said...

wow....now this is something i want to read more about. thanks for sharing

Mom To The 3rd Power said...

I wish them all the best! This is an awesome ministry! I wish I could get Bryce to dance with them... I'm gonna keep trying! My girls are hooked in with their studio, but I would love for my son to participate in this ministry. Amazing!

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