Saturday, August 06, 2011

Family vacation in Branson

It seems like we have traveled a LOT this summer for dance competitions, to visit friends and family but not  for the four of us to have a break and get away from everything and bond as a family having a fun time together.  Kevin and I both think vacation is an important part of our lives so we try not to skip them if at all possible and believe me we can pinch pennies and take a vacation for super cheap if we need to.

We have a time share in Branson at Palace View and needed to use it this year.  It's a great property if you are looking for a time share.  We knew we wanted to see some shows, mini golf, go carts, shopping at the outlet malls and maybe even go to Silver Dollar City.

We didn't make it to Silver Dollar City due to the heat and Kylan has some issues with amusement parks due to Asperger's (wish we would have known this the 5 times we took him to WDW).  He did surprise us though and rode the go carts by himself even though he was nervous and they were loud (he has hypersensitive hearing).  We had a great time at The Track 3 and enjoyed several nights riding go-karts, water bumper boats and playing games.  Our favorite was the Wild Woody, so much fun!!!

Makenzie is just a lil bit competitive and had to try and beat her Dad on the race track.

I was one soaked momma by the time the kids got done with me!  It did feel nice and cool though.

We also got to play a round of golf...LOL golf for kids.  Mini golf or putt putt depending on where you live.  We have driven by Dinosaur Canyon Golf many times and decided to just stop and play.

I'm going to post about the shows we saw another day!  Have you been to Branson, MO?  It's a fun place to visit and very family friendly!


Paula Jo @ Home and Garden Decor said...

It looks like you all had a blast! Branson is a great place to visit. Great picture's!!

Michelle aka Naila Moon said...

Do you live in MO?
I am hoping to go to Branson soon. We went last September.
~Naila Moon

Toni said...

Wow! When I think of Branson all that comes to mind is a few gospel shows and Silver Dollar City. You found some really cool stuff there. I'm going to have to pick your brain for our next vacation.

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