Thursday, July 14, 2011

Make your own pads of paper

Makenzie and I had a girls day out, we went to the Cheesecake factory
 for lunch then we saw Soul Surfer (great movie, very inspiring) and then on to Josh's Sno Shack for snow cones.  We had a great day and when we got home it was craft time.  Have you ever made a craft from a cereal box or from the box from pop cans?  We decided to customize our own pads of paper, it's super easy and ANYONE can do it!

1. Cut out cereal boxes, the sides from boxes of pop, popcorn, anything that looks cute to you! My daughter Makenzie wants to use some packaging from the American Girl store, you could also use cute cards, the list goes on and on.
2. Trim your paper to the same size as your cereal box (you need a front and back piece that are sturdy).

3. Your front, back and inside paper are all cut to the same size

4.  We used two paint stir sticks and large bull dog clips to keep everything in place

5. Next you paint some mod podge onto the top to bind all of your paper together.

6. Let dry 1 hr and then re-apply another 2 coats of mod podge for a total of 3 coats

This is the finished pad of paper, cute huh!

Here are a couple of cute cereal boxes

and of course something from American Girl

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Cranberry Morning said...

What a cute idea!! Love it. I can make my own Post-It Notes, well, almost. I think I'll use neon paper. I am notorious for losing white 'floaters.' Thanks for posting this. :-)

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