Sunday, July 10, 2011

Arlington, TX for nationals

Last week the kids and I headed off to Arlington, TX for Stage One dance nationals.  We had a great time but it just wasn't the same without Kevin, he's so much fun and the leader in our family but he had to work. Although he was able to fly in Friday night and join us for a fun filled weekend.
The Legacy Project dance team, I'm going to blog more about The Legacy Project next won't want to miss it!

Miss Shayna working on makeup

A cute doll

A clown and his friend

I'm pretty sure that these two = Trouble (notice the capital T)

I have a video of the kids dance to share with you, they worked really hard this past year to get to this point and we are really proud of them! Also, a huge THANKS to everyone that encourages her in this hip hop passion.  The kids have worked hard but without Shayna and Adam it wouldn't have all come together so please remember to check out The Legacy Project!

After the kids competed at the shootout(this is saved for the best of the best) on Saturday we went to Pappacito's which is one of our favorite restaurants, actually we love all the Pappas restaurants!

The Legoland Discovery Center in Grapevine, TX (near Dallas) was so fun!  I recommend that you pre-purchase your tickets to get in so you don't have to wait in the long line and you can do that here.  Enjoy some pics of this fun play place.

The back of this mixer really turned...very cool!

Waiting in line to see the 4-D movie

Ok, I'm not into sports so I can't remember who this famous basketball player is but Kevin knew. He's all made out of Lego's and is WAY taller then Kevin.

This was my favorite part.  Miniland was so amazing!  I took a bunch of pics of it but I will spare you all the details.

Legoland Cafe

They had 2 rides and this was one of them.

Buzz was built totally out of Legos too.

We met some friends that we hadn't seen in about 6 years for lunch on Sunday.  Kevin graduated with Erik and he was in our wedding.  He's now married and has a cutie patootie daughter.

Makenzie had been patient this whole time but deep down in her little heart she was dreaming of this...
She said she was in shock that she got to go to the American Girl Store

We had heard that the line to the Salon was normally very long and sometimes up to 6 hours of waiting but we ended up coming at the right time because we had NO WAIT!  Josefina got a chair right away.

This was the finished result the fishtail braid.  It looks a LOT better, Josefina has been well loved and her hair has taken some torture and abuse but it's nice and tidy now.

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