Monday, October 04, 2010

2010 Oklahoma State Sugar Art Show

In my previous post I told a little bit about the Tulsa State Fair and some of the interesting food they have this year.  Now we are moving on to the Sugar Art Show.  I just have to say that those cakes were AMAZING and works of art, no telling how much time was put into each cake.  Here are a couple of my favorites...before my phone died and I couldn't take anymore pics.

We got our pic taken with Kerry Vincent, not sure how many of you are aware of this but she lives here in Tulsa

After we were finished looking at the cakes we went and watched a cupcake decorating contest and during the show they were throwing boxes of the new Decadent  Duncan Hines Apple Caramel cake mix and the new Decadent Triple Chocolate cake mix to the audience.  Connie caught 1 of each box and since she's allegic to nuts...she was a kind enough to pass them on to me. The pics on the box look AMAZING, I'm sure you will see something about these cakes in a future Cooking with Kenzie post!

All I have is a photo of part of the winning cake so that will have to do until they can get the professional one up on the website.

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