Wednesday, September 01, 2010

More Kylanism's

I asked Kylan to put his socks away and this is what he did with them, made himself a muscle man!

When Kylan was telling his story about why he wanted to be baptized he said and "Makenzie telled me" cute.

We were having beer batter biscuits for dinner and he wouldn't eat them because it's against the law for kids to have beer and I was being a bad mom letting him eat those biscuits.

While we were camping up in Silverton, CO I drank a Mike's Hard Lemonade and Kylan says, "I can't believe you are drinking a drug"  He might be a little confused after Kevin and I have been talking to the kids about just saying NO to drugs.

We were playing a card game and somebody said, "Where have you been?"  Kylan piped up "The meatloaf  factory"....hmmm not sure about that one but it was FUNNY!

Yes, he's still allergic to red dye but he's much better...and here's some proof!

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The 4-Crows Blog said...

Oh dear...that boy!! LOL!

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