Wednesday, September 08, 2010

Camping in Silverton, CO

When I was younger I lived in Durango, CO and we would go camping quite often and one of my favorite things is the smell of the air when it's just so crisp and clean and has that slight chill and you bundle up in a hoodie.  Oh how I miss those camping days, of course I was a LOT younger and slept in a tent without a blowup bed and could hike all day and not feel it the next day.  Well, times have changed!  I'm older and wiser (blow up beds are my friend now) and I can't hike all day because I'll be really sore the next day!  The kids had NEVER been camping in CO so we met up with my dad, stepmom, my brother and my sister in law and camped out (ok you can call it camping but they had a mini winnie and a 5th wheel) so we had luxuries that I never had as a kid like a porta potty, running water, a nice comfy bed, a kitchen, etc.  We also didn't have the fun 4 wheelers when I was a kid, however my kids LOVED it that Grandpa, Uncle Aaron and Auntie Erin would take them on rides and they even went up to Clear Lake on the 4 wheelers...good times!
We camped just outside of Silverton, CO in the South Mineral campgrounds.  I do recommend this area, so beautiful, plenty of hiking, camping, 4 wheeling, jeeping, etc.  Should be something for everyone here!
I took SOOOOOOOOOOOOOO many pictures while we were camping but I will spare you and only post a couple of my favorites.

This is the little town of Silverton, CO it's so tiny and cute!
I went to the woods

because I wished to live deliberately,

to front only the essential facts of life,

and see if I could not learn what it had to teach,

and not, when I came to die,

discover that I had not lived.

~Henry David Thoreau~



Anonymous said...

Your pictures brought back wonderful memories for me. When I was 12, we went on a family trip to Colorado. We went to Silverton, Durango, Ouray (sp?) Cripple Creek, and so many others. It was so beautiful there!! Glad you were able to enjoy your time with your family and make great memories!!

The 4-Crows Blog said...

Beautiful. Glad you had fun and that you keep making so many great memories w/ your kids!

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