Friday, October 30, 2009

Branson, MO and the waterpark

Kevin has been working so many long hours at UPS that we decided we needed a weekend getaway with just the kids. Some place where we wouldn't be bothered by the phone or TV or GASP...the computer. We decided on Branson, MO since it's so close and we thought that the drive might be beautiful this time of year with all of the leaves changing color, and it was GORGEOUS with all of the fiery reds, blazing oranges, vibrant yellows and the array of greens. This weekend was just what we needed we had such a great time playing at the indoor waterpark, shopping at the outlet malls and lounging over meals until our drive home....when I started feeling a tad bit whoozy and I thought it might just be motion sickness because i have been known to have it in the past. NO, it was the darn flu!!!! I talked all weekend about how we need to wash our hands all the time and I had gone to Bath and Body Works and bought some yummy smelling hand sanitizer and used it all weekend, what I didn't bring was Lysol for the hotel room....what was I thinking????


ShaRhonda said...

How fun! Still no new background? What's up w/ that? Facebook me!

Kate said...

We've played at this waterpark a few years ago. It is fun! Hope you're feeling better!

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