Tuesday, June 03, 2008

Girls Club for June

Kenzie is in this Girls Club and once a month they have a meeting and work on different skills but instead of badges like the girl scouts girls Club offers a bracelet with charms that you can earn after learning a skill. The skill that we are really impressed with is her cake decorating. The pics show what a great job she doing. If you live in the area and want more info about Girls Club please email me or call me!


Anonymous said...


You did a GREAT job in cake decorating! You and Aunt Connie need to get together for more FUN in the cake decorating department! :)


Aunt Chris, Uncle Gary and Cousin Sierra

Dawn said...

I'd love to have the information on the Girls Club!! You can email me at DawnoftheDay@cox.net. Thanks!!

Oh, I came here by way of Christy's blog! :)

You have beautiful photos!!

Christy R said...

How fun!!! Makenzie's cupcake is BEAUTIFUL! The girls can't wait to join!

Mika said...

Great job Kenzie!! You and Bay need to get together and decorate! You two are so creative!
Come see us soon!!
Love, Mika

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