Monday, June 30, 2008

I am such a klutz!

OK this is really embarrassing but I am going to post it anyway. On Saturday, Makenzie and I went shopping for our friend Madison's 14th birthday gift at Old Navy and it was just pouring down rain outside. Kenzie and I were walking under a huge golf umbrella and enjoying some "girl time". Anyway, I stepped into the store and sudden my feet slipped out from under me and my head slammed into the floor and I twisted my ANKLE...oh man, not again! As many of you know I've had this whole history with my right ankle being hurt all of last summer and into the fall. Well, thankfully it's my left ankle that's puffy and swollen this time. I say thankfully because today when I got up it's still a little swollen but it doesn't hurt today! Yeah!!!! If it would have been my right ankle it could possibly been the rest of the summer in a walking cast again! What was really embarrassing about it was that the $1 flip-flop sale was going on and everyone and their dog was in line and saw the whole thing happen! Needless to say Maddie didn't get anything from Old Navy for her birthday...just cold, hard cash. Which, I am told is what every teenager needs anyway and seemed to be the perfect gift since that was what everyone else got her too!

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LJ said...

Ouch!! Glad you weren't hurt worse. Why is it that when we get "klutz-y", there are lots of people around to witness it?! :-)
Take care of yourself!

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