Tuesday, March 11, 2008


Rev-Kev and lil Rev
Kylan liked this hat
At each country the kids could get a stamp and add a charm to their mask
Gigi with a mask
Minnie is too cute!
In the country of Japan this lady makes candy art and it was AMAZING!
She made this flamingo for Gigi
This red mouse
and this purple Koala bear for Makenzie

Kylan calls this the Big Golf Ball!
The test track was Makenzie's favorite ride at EPCOT
Gigi with Mulan and Mushu
Nice hat!

On my birthday we went to EPCOT and my mom got me a button that says Happy Birthday Jennifer so all of the cast members are trained to look for the buttons and say "happy birthday" and sing songs and embarrass you! It was a fun day though and a birthday I won't ever forget! We all loved the ride Soarin' and it was amazing!

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