Monday, March 24, 2008

Coloring Easter eggs!

Makenzie was quite the artist it took her a lot longer to color each egg and it had to be just perfect!
Kylan was finished with his eggs very quickly!

Kylan's eggs
Makenzie's eggs

OK, I was talking to some friends about coloring Easter eggs. One of them said she colors 2-3 dozen per child and then they pop them into the freezer and have hard boiled eggs anytime that they need them (I didn't know you could freeze hard boiled eggs but she says that are good) and then another friend only does 1 dozen for the whole family which gives 2 eggs per person! Now, we color 1 dozen per child and dad and I both end asking for a couple of eggs to color of our own. Some years we have colored and 18pk for each kid and that was a lot of eggs for our family...anyway, I have a poll going because I am just curious about what other families do. Please take the poll and enjoy our egg coloring pics!

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