Thursday, November 06, 2008

Playful puppy

This afternoon the kids and were playing in the front yard, they love to ride bikes, scooters, skateboards and Kylan's motorcycle when it's nice outside and all of the sudden this cute puppy shows up at our house and won't leave. So, we put him in our backyard and played with him. Our dog Trix is having so much fun playing with "King George" this is what the kids named him. I will be so sad to see him go because I am sure his owner is looking for him. He's a beautiful Husky puppy and just as sweet and playful as can be. If you know anyone looking for him please let us know. When Kevin gets home from work we are going to put out Found Puppy signs at all the entrances in our neighborhood. I couldn't stand to turn him into the animal shelter in town because my Dad and brother both have Huskies and they are really special dogs and if no one claims him then we are going to add him to our family.
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