Saturday, November 01, 2008

Mommy daughter date and nicknames

Today Makenzie and I had a mommy daughter date and we made altered clipboards. It's been a while since I have made some and we had a really great time making them. I can only post Makenzie's because the one I made is a gift. Makenzie has a bunch of nicknames like Princess, cheer chick, girly girl, cutie patootie, sissy, Stinkerbelle, pumpkin and the #1 all time favorite is Punky Monkey so she made the cutest clipboard with monkeys and on the back it says "Punky Monkey". When she was about 18 months old she was coming down the stairs and tried to say, "Here comes pumpkin" but it came out "Here comes punky" and from that day on she was punky and then we added the monkey when she started doing a monkey immitation. Kevin and Kylan had a daddy son date and they played golf with one of the men from church and his son. Every month we try to have "dates" with the kids so we can have one on one time with them and really get to talk. It's always fun and Kevin, the kids and I always look forward to it!
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