Tuesday, November 18, 2008

Kenzie's "gotcha day"

Friday Nov. 14th was Kenzie's "gotcha day"...for those of you that don't know what a "gotcha day" is it's the day that we "got" her from South Korea. This was one of the happiest days of my life. We had flown out to LA to meet Beverlee (she was coming home from Korea) and I truly didn't believe that we were actually getting her until she was in my arms. I didn't cry at her arrival like I do for most babies because I was all cried out by the time she got home. It was such a long, hard journey to finally have a baby all our own to love and cherish forever and ever. It was 6 miscarriages and several failed adoptions before our precious little princess was in our arms it was a feeling like no other when Mr Chae placed her in my arms and then I looked at Kevin and he was bawling like a baby and had missed the moment when Makenzie held her arms out to him. Here are a couple of photos of her arrival. Notice how chubby she was (she was only 4 1/2 months old in these pics which totally amazes me because she acted so much older and was saying "da da" by the next week! When we took her back to the hotel we laid her on the bed and she rolled over and we kept putting her on her back so she would do it over and over for us because we had no clue that she could already roll over. Kevin's parents and my mom showed up in LA the morning of her arrival to surprise us and to get a sneak peek at their new granddaughter...it was a wonderful surprise!

For more info on adoption check out Dillon International.

The quality of these pics isn't that great because they are all in her scrapbook so I had to take a pic of her scrapbook page and then crop it.

On Friday we had a Korean dinner for Makenzie with Bulgogi, sticky rice, kimchi, mandue pot stickers, Korean pancakes, Korean pears, a Korean yogurt drink, Korean cookies...hmmm, do we see a pattern here? Everything was Korean! We looked at her gotcha day pics and we have a special box that we look through each gotcha day that has her baby clothes and items that her foster family sent home with her. We also usually watch videos of her in Korea and of her arrival in LA and her homecoming in Tulsa. It's always such a fun day and brings back so many memories for Kevin and I.
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