Monday, November 03, 2008

Gas pump shock!

We had to stop and get gas today because we were rolling in on fumes and I don't want my Father in Law to come save me again (once I ran out of gas and he saved me but I have never been able to live it down). I was so excited because gas was $1.89 a gallon!!!! YES you read it correctly 1 dollar and 89 cents per gallon!!!! My total was $51.50 for almost 28 gallons of gas we haven't seen that low of a number for the suburban in years. I think the highest I paid was around $118 or $120 for a tank of gas. I really pray that the gas prices stay low!!! It's sad when you are so happy about the low cost of gas ; )
Please leave a comment about the price of gas in your area. I don't think you will beat us because we are consistently the lowest in the nation!
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