Sunday, April 02, 2017

Exploring our house in Seoul

We accidently went through the wrong line when we were arriving.  They checked our passports in the Diplomat line so it only took all 7 of us about 5 minutes to go through customs into Korea.
 Here's Kenzie and Kylan back in their birth country for the first time since we adopted them!
 After arriving at the Inchon airport in South Korea we exchanged some money.  This is what the Korean Won looks like, it's so colorful and pretty!

Our tour guide Mr. Chae met us with a luggage van and his own personal van and drove us to our house in Seoul.  Seoul was about 1 hour away from the Inchon airport.  We decided not to get a hotel and to go with an AirBnB instead so we could learn how a typical Korean lives.  I actually don't think a typical Korean lives in a house like this because most of the people in Seoul live in apartments and this was a house.  If you want info on this house please email me at JustWedeminute@gmail dot com and I'll send the info to you.  It was wonderful!  I can't say enough about the owners Meme and Jeje, they were amazing and very helpful!!

 Here's our house!

Our AirBnB hosts gave us some gifts of bread and different types of rice cakes. They were really good and we loved the colors!

 The little kitchen was adorable
 We used the dining area a lot

 One thing I was not expecting was how hard the mattresses were. I mean rock solid hard, they were not cozy at all but my back loved them and did very well on the hard mattress.
 Views from the rooftop garden.  Apartments and buildings for as far as the eye could see.  With 10 million people in Seoul this is not shocking.

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