Monday, October 26, 2015

Popular Purple pencil sharpener review and giveaway

We've used so many different pencil sharpeners over the past 11 years of homeschooling and I have to admit that none of them were that great until we found  You might remember my review of the Firehouse red pencil sharpener a couple of years ago.  That one is still going strong, we love it and use it almost every day!  They just sent me a purple sharpener to try out and it's a beauty and I'm giving it away to one lucky reader. I wish I'd found this sharpener when my kids were in kindergarten because we would have saved a bundle on sharpeners over the past 11 years.  This one is $24.99 for one but they do offer discounts and specials if you buy 3 or more (great idea for teachers).

Here's the purple sharpener!  Isn't it pretty, I love the color.

It comes with a little tool to attach it to your desk or table

Here are my pencils before I used the sharpener

I love that you can press the two black things together and pull it out and the pencil will self sharpen, you can actually do it with one hand.  It has a nice sized drawer to catch all your shavings.

Leave a comment telling me what color of sharpener you'd like to see in future.  Be sure to go to and see what other colors they have available!
I  draw my winner on November 1st, 2015
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