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Sole Hope shoe cutting event

As most of you know, adoption and other cultures are near and dear to my heart because of my sweet children.  They've really opened up my world and helped me see outside of my little Oklahoma box.  One of my best friends, Christy R. has helped open my world up even wider by sharing with us about Uganda and the many needs they have for things we take for granted like shoes and fresh water.  Christy adopted a little guy from Uganda about 2 years ago and we took care of their house while they lived in Uganda for 8 weeks.  Christy just led a mommas on a mission trip back to Uganda and one day they worked with Sole Hope at a jigger clinic.  If you don't know what jiggers are then you're like me, I didn't have a clue. 
A few of the moms that went on the mission trip.

What are jiggers?
 Jiggers are sand fleas that infest the feet of people that don't wear shoes.  The jiggers are horrible, they burrow inside the skin and lay eggs that have to be removed with a razor blade or sharp pin.   

Why Sole Hope?

WARNING: Some pictures are graphic 

When the mommas got home from Uganda they wanted to share and educate on the horrors of jiggers.  They shared that at the clinic they had over 150 people come to be treated, Sole Hope is the organization that treats them.  They wash their feet, take some medical info, work on the feet and last but not least they give each person a new pair of shoes so hopefully they won't be re-infested. The sad thing was this time they ran out of shoes so of the children didn't get to leave with shoes on their feet.  After going through all the pain of digging the jiggers and egg sacs out then they could possibly have to do it all over again.  The mommas shared with us how we could help.  We can cut of the upper and side parts to the shoes out of denim fabric.  Then, they ship that to Uganda and they have employees that sew those onto old tires that are used as the sole of the shoe.
 Digging the eggs sacs out of a child's foot.

 Waiting in line

 Washing their feet

Running low on new shoes

 Thank you Kerry B for all the great pics

This child was so thankful and excited to have new shoes!

What can I do?

There are many ways you can help but one way is to host a shoe cutting party.  Everyone needs to bring some scissors, willing hands and a $10 donation (this helps pay the shoe makers).  Here's a link with more info 

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