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Texas Farm Girl: Reap What You Sow- book review

About the book:

AMAZON BEST SELLER and endorsed by The Dove Foundation as family Approved! Released January 6, 2015! Texas Farm Girl learns from her PawPaw what Reap What You Sow means when she makes a big mistake on the farm planting corn. The lesson learned from Texas Farm Girl, Reap What You Sow can be applied to all of us so that we can overcome adversity and Shine Like a Lone Star Pearl. Book comes autographed by the Author!

My Thoughts:
This book could very well be called Oklahoma Farm Girl or Iowa Farm Girl because it reminds me of living in Oklahoma and also of heading up to Iowa to see my husbands family.  Most of the Iowa family are all farmers so this book really resonates with me.  I love how she talks about goofing off and messing up and then working hard and it pays off. That's a life lesson that many people aren't learning today and I think it's sad.  Most of the time we learn such a huge lesson when we make a mistake and if we're wise then we use it to grow and become a better person.  This would be a wonderful book for a young girl (ages 5 and up) just learning how to navigate life's curves it's beautifully written and the illustrations are colorful and are sure to hold your child's attention for many years.  This is definitely a book with a purpose.

About the Author:

A life-long resident of the Texas Panhandle, Rebecca Crownover grew up in Sunray, Texas, a small farming community. Her grandfather was a farmer and through junior high and high school years, she worked on the farm driving tractors and irrigating crops through row water irrigation.
Rebecca left her farm roots to attend Texas Tech University to obtain a business degree in order to pursue a corporate career as a technology consultant, traveling around the world. She ultimately found herself back in her farm roots by marrying a farmer and living the adventurous life of a farmer once again.
Tragedy struck in 2009 when her husband passed away from a head injury incurred in an ATV accident leaving behind herself and their 2 ½ year old daughter. Searching for guidance, Rebecca attempted to find a book that could help her daughter understand the loss of her dad. When she was unable to find a book written at her daughter's level of understanding, she decided to write her own children's book. The result was My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus.
My Daddy Is In Heaven With Jesus became an award winning book that helped many children around the world find comfort in a time of loss. It continues to be a life inspiring book for children and adults that have lost a parent today.
Moving on from the hardest experience of her life and giving back through tragedy through her first book, Rebecca found yet another way to impact children through her life experiences. Being the entrepreneur that she is, she launched a brand and children’s book series, Texas Farm Girl. Texas Farm Girl’s purpose is to educate, entertain, and inspire children through farming. She has produced children’s books, apparel and even partnered with country rock artist and songwriter, Billy Dawson (childhood friend) to produce Texas Farm Girl's very own song and country music video.
From Texas to Los Angeles, Rebecca has been featured in national media outlets. She has been featured in Progressive Farmer Magazine, Successful Farming Magazine, Texas Farm Bureau’s national marketing outlets in agriculture, and a number of radio and local TV shows. She was also on William Shatner’s Moving America Forward TV program where she was interviewed by Doug Llewelyn (always remembered from his People's Court days) and given the prestigious "Moving America Forward" Award, by Retired Rear Admiral Kevin F. Delaney. This award is given to innovative entrepreneurs that have distinguished themselves in their industry and, as a result, are "Moving America Forward".
Rebecca continues to be a business partner with her in-laws in their family farm. Her commitment to agriculture and educating those around her about agriculture is a passion. As a single mom and only parent, Rebecca has found her life to be a true blessing. Tragedy in her life has only spawned a deeper appreciation for it. Life is so precious and if she can be an inspiration of strength to others through her experiences, then her life purpose is being fulfilled.
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