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Typecrush-game review

My kids are 12 and 13 and they're at the age that's really fun to play games.  When we have family game night we laugh all night long.  Of course, they are very competitive too and want to win, don't we all!  Anyway, when the game Typecrush came up for review we jumped at the opportunity to add another game to our game night fun and it's also educational so we can play it during school too! 

 I thought it was sweet that Kylan chose love for his word.
The one rule is simple- whoever solves the word first gets to choose the next word.
We like to play themes, for example since we're learning about US History we try to incorporate as many US States, presidents, etc. into a round.  You could choose colors, shapes, foods, animals, your options are endless as long as you have a great imagination.
How to play:
Use the chart on the right and the hint displayed to solve the word below.
Each colored circle represents a letter from the corresponding color bar in the chart.
and this picture shows the answer is pizza
Typecrush is recommended for ages 7 and up.  All materials are 100% recycled and the game is handcrafted in the USA.  Everything you see in the picture below is what you get when you purchase Typecrush.  The price is $25 and shipping is free=BONUS

I like that this game comes in a small tube with a screw on lid.  It's easy to take anywhere because it's about the size of a soft drink can.  We've taken it camping and on a road trip and the kids also like to plop down on the living room floor and play.  Clean up is a breeze because everything easily fits back inside the tube.
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