Monday, October 15, 2012

Dayspring Christian Academy-The Pilgrim Story

Dayspring Christian Academy is located in Mountville, PA and they use something called The Principle Approach.  The following was taken directly from their website and explains a little bit more about the Principle Approach.

 America’s historic, classical Christian method of education to prepare young people to be servants, scholars, and statesmen in our constitutional federal republic.  This requires developing a biblical worldview as well as excellence in character, skills, and talents. The Principle Approach is very intentional in its purpose: equipping young men and women to help restore America to her gospel purpose, thereby helping to fulfill Christ’s Great Commission.

I've never heard it called the Principle Approach before but it makes a lot of sense to me and has really worked for our family.  I know that we really want to instill a sense of purpose in our children and we want them equipped to share the gospel as well as have a biblical worldview, character, skills and talents so this seemed like a perfect fit for our family.

tThe program that they offered members of the Crew was The Pilgrim Story. This is an online audio program that also has a visual slideshow presentation. Along with the these lessons, you will also find crafts, notebooking pages, printables, mapping, fun activities, and quizzes. The course finishes with virtual field trip to Plymouth, MA.  The author of this course is Mary Stauffer, a teacher at Dayspring Christian Academy. 
Access to The Pilgrim Story is $99 and continues for 6 months after registration and is for 3-6th grades.  This class is self-paced, doesn't meet at any certain time and is available with 24 hour access for your convenience.

 My kids were so excited to get the password and link and get started but we couldn't get it to work the first day (it says access begins within 48 hours of purchase). BUMMER! We checked back after 48 hours and  I still couldn't get it to work. Our curiosity about the program was piqued and my children couldn't wait to get started so I started looking into the program deeper and I realized that I had my pop-up blocker on.  Silly me!  I turned the pop-up blocker off with this program only and we were ready to begin. 
I've been watching the slideshows and listening to the class along with my children and I've been learning something things that I never knew.  We all enjoying the slideshow and my 5th grader enjoys watching for the answers to the notebooking pages that I print out for them and playing the interactive online games.  My 7th grader isn't in the recommended age group but she's still enjoying the class. This class is very flexible for different ages so I'm able to offer her harder work after we are finished with a lesson.  I have her research the topic that we just studied and learn a little bit more, one week she wrote an essay that contrasted and compared the King James Bible and the Geneva Bible and another week she did some research about King Henry VIII.


 ~ There are 17 lessons broken down into 5 units
~ After each unit there's a test
~ My kids LOVED this style of learning
~Dayspring did a fantastic job
~ We all want to head to MA for a family vacation
~Dayspring needs more classes similar to this
~We didn't know as much about the Pilgrims as we thought we did
~If you are having issuses with the class loading turn your pop-up blocker off :)
and last but not least
~Learn more about The Pilgrim Story because you know how time flies and in 8 years will be the 400th anniversary of Plymouth Colony! It'll be here before we know it.

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