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Homeschool Legacy-We the People

Most of our school year is centered around a specific subject that typically revolves around what we are learning in history that year.  Last year was Rome to the Reformation and this year is U.S. History so we try to use any type of unit studies, hands on activities, field trips, etc. that will help us with that period of history.  I'm pretty sure most people try to do that but sometimes we get in a boring rut of just learning and not having fun while learning.  Along came Homeschool Legacy with the Once-A-Week Unit Study and we went from hum drum to fun fun!  Here are a couple of key points to remember:
~No prep work is required!
~Easily incorporated into your current schedule because they are only once a week.
~Flexible enough to compliment any curriculum (I wish we would have known about Knights and Nobles this last year when we were studying Rome to the Reformation it would have been so fun!)
~Biblically centered
~Interactive and family oriented for grades 2-12 except for We the People which is recommended for grades 4th-12th
~A breath of fresh air from textbooks
~Family games and movie nights are included
~Our family doesn't participate in Boy Scouts or American Heritage Girl BUT if your family does then you are in for a treat because,
Once-a-Week Unit Studies
are Boy Scout & American Heritage Girl friendly! Each Once-a-Week Unit Study has a corresponding merit badge associated with it. This unique feature allows scouts to earn merit badges while completing the unit study assignments with the rest of their family.
Homeschool Legacy has a wide variety of interesting unit studies to choose from and many of them would have tied into our year of U.S. History studies.  It was hard to choose between all of the following historic studies:
 Native Americans (6 week study) $17.95

Early Settlers in America (6 week study) $17.95
Revolutionary Ideas (7 week study) $19.95
We the People: Getting to Know Your Constitution (8 week study) $19.95-Discover America's Christian heritage with this thought provoking unit study. Walk beside the Founders as they explain in their own words their Christian beliefs and hopes for our nation.

We the People is the unit study we ended up choosing and it has been fantastic and so easy to incorporate into our schedule because you only use it one time per week! 

 During this 8 week study you cover the following topics:

1. The State of the New Nation
2. The Constitutional Convention
3. Your Bill of Rights
4. The Legislative Branch
5. The Executive Branch
6. The Judicial Branch
7. Amending the Constitutuion
8. Your National Symbols

Library books/videos that were recommended (they were alphabetically and numerically arranged by the Dewey decimal system to help make it easy to find your library books) and that we read helped us to focus in on the Founding Father's, the three branches of the government, our national symbols, the Constitution and Amendments and the voting process.  After reading about the voting process and with all of the Presidential debates going on we are hoping that the kids are allowed to watch me vote in the next election, that's some hands on learning!
Here are some of the things our family has enjoyed about using Homeschool Legacy.
One of our favorite activities has been playing Preamble Scramble.  This is a game where you cut out the Preamble into different sections and then put it back together in the proper order.  The kids have gotten so good at it that I had to print out a second one and they race putting it together, I have to admit that they usually beat me and ALWAYS beat dad!
Kenzie playing the Preamble Scramble while we are in the middle of packing and moving.  That's what you call homeschool dedication!
I love that important documents and pictures were included and discussed.

The focus of the one-day-a week unit study was on quality and not quantity so the things that you learn about have a focus and aren't just glossed over to be forgotten by the next day.

Art Appreciation is included in the lessons.

Field trip ideas are included but most of them are in Washington D.C. so ideas for local and state field trips are included as well.

Stump Your Dad Trivia was something that my kids and my husband looked forward to each week.

My children enjoyed the independent reading but loved the family read-alouds and the family devotional and our family found that to be our best time to open up discussions about what we had been studying that week.  This led to many debates and a greater appreciation for our Founding Fathers.

This is a fabulous unit study that's very pertinent to what is going on with the government right now, especially with the Presidential election that's coming up.  If you start now you could even be finished just in time to vote and you might have the option to allow your children to watch you vote for our next President!

Kylan was looking up some of the vacabulary words.

Do you have any Boy Scouts in your family? They will earn their Citizenship in the Nation Merit Badge.

American Heritage Girls earn requirements for Citizenship and Government and Our Flag badges.  

Plus Homeschool Legacy has several more unit studies that sounded interesting but didn't tie into our U.S. History studies. To learn more about those unit studies and to learn how Crew members incorporated Once a Week Unit Studies into their school week click on the Crew button below.

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