Friday, August 21, 2009

Kylan's birthday and girls night out with Grammy

Kylan celebrated his birthday a week early so we could include some family that would be out of town for a wedding so on his actual birthday we still wanted to celebrate and he wanted to go to the buffet at the Hard Rock Hotel 'cause now he's going to be a Rock Star when he grows up and he wanted to see the Hard Rock Hotel (he thinks rock stars stay at this hotel). He was in his happy place because the buffet had shrimp and he ADORES shrimp and boy did he get our money's worth!
Then, we took him to the Radisson hotel where Grammy was having a Girls night at with Paige and Kenzie and he played at the indoor water playground and then we took him home. He said, "It was the best birthday ever" and he says that every year! I'm glad we can keep up that tradition of having the best birthday ever...hope it's the same when he's a teenager!

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LJ said...

Happy Birthday to Kylan! I must have been living under a rock...didn't even know you were getting a Hard Rock! Cool...we'll have to make a trip over there soon. :-)

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