Thursday, July 10, 2008

Eating out vs. eating at home

Kevin and I have decided to try to eat at home more and not eat out and try to be better stewards of our money. The past couple of days I have been digging into my favorite websites for recipes. In the comments area leave me your favorite recipe link or site...I would appreciate it! The following are my favorite top 5 sites for recipes.

5. A year of crockpotting I just saw her on the Rachael Ray show yesterday and have already made 2 of her recipes...they are yummy!

4. Super cook I love this one when I have certain ingrediant that I need/want to use

3. Recipe zaar many, many recipes on this one and for some tasty recipes check out Chef #537617 which is Mika G....we just love her recipes!

2. Pioneer Woman Cooks I just started using her recipes and they are soooo good, the tomato-basil pizza, blue-berry yogurt smoothie, and yogurt cream and berries have all been tried, tested and approved by my kiddos.

1. Paula Deen she is the #1 main reason that I have gotten so interested in cooking over the past couple of years. I just love her southern charm, "Hi ya'll and gurl" are some of her common southern slang and the fact that she just loves her's in almost everything she makes and let me tell it's so good but we cut some of it out and you can't tell.


Christy R said...

Hi Jennifer! I use a lot. They have great ingredient and recipe searches! Good for you for doing more cooking at home! I'll have to check out the sites you listed!

Traci @ The Bakery said...

Hey...great sites. I like and I look for the ones w/ a ton of reviews and still have 4 or 5 stars.
If you scroll to the bottom of my blog...almost...look for the atom it and then subscribe by feed. At least that is what I THINK you do. Let me know if it works. I'll come do your house anytime honey....IF you like vintage....I'm not good w/ modern looking stuff.

Anonymous said...

Erin says,

Try the recipe site
Many yummy recipes that I use often.
Thanks for your sites I will check them out.

Mika said...

Awww! You are a sweetie! I love your recipes too! Come over soon and I will cook for you guys!
Love ya!! Mika

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