Monday, July 16, 2007

On the 27th we went to the rec center with Gigi (the kids went down the waterslide by themselves and they jumped off the diving board also), then to lunch with Tim and Lori and we were going to go up on Durango Mountain but the weather was bad so we went to see the movie Surf's Up...I didn't really care for it! We then went to Bar-D and dropped off Gigi so she could get us good seats for the show that night and Tim and Lori took us up to the mountain. Everything was closed for the day but we enjoyed the view and the fresh air! Then, that night we went back to Bar-D and we had front row center seats! It was a great show and we laughed and laughed! Sometime while we were in CO Uncle Tim let the kids drive his sheriff's car with the lights going and he also handcuffed them!

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