Wednesday, November 30, 2005


WOW! We've had a really busy month! The end of October is very busy for us with all of the Halloween and Fall celebrations going on in the Tulsa area. The Jupiter Jumps really keep us hopping!!
November has been really busy too because Kevin started back to UPS and my Grandma and Grandpa came into town and it was really great to see them.
It seems like my Piggies and Paws business has really taken off and I can barely keep up with it. We had a really quiet Thanksgiving Day and went to see a Chicken Little with my Mom.
Now, we are gearing up for Christmas. Kylan has started taking tumbeling classes at the gym Kenzie takes cheerleading at. He loves it and the coaches are always laughing at him because he's so funny! Kenzie has another competition this weekend so she has cheer practice everyday this's a big committment for such a little girl but she LOVES it and even practices at home all of the time. We hope every one had a very Happy Thanksgiving! I know we have a lot to be thankful for!

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