Sunday, March 20, 2011

More buffalo stampede in Bartlesville

We head up to Bartlesville every other month or so to eat at Murphy's Steakhouse and we always try to find a new buffalo art piece.  We heard they are going to have a total of 25 and that they have around 15 or so that are complete.  For more info read this.

"Tree of Life"

Sponsor: Kenneth and Diana Adams

Artist: Marilyn King

Located at Bartlesville First Presbyterian Church, corner of 5th and Dewey   Every buffalo is totally different from the next, this one was covered with beautiful flowers!


Sponsor: Class 13 of Leadership Bartlesville

Artist: Kristin Radaker

Located at the corner of 6th and Dewey     This one had the song Oklahoma on it!


Sponsor: Pete and Theo Silas

Artist: Lisa Fox

Located at the corner of 6th and Dewey This was a beautiful pattern.

Had to pose with the Philips 66 sign

"Van Gogh-falo"

Sponsor: Musselman Abstract Artist: Cindy Bennett

Located at Sears Park, corner of Cherokee and Adams   This was a detailed painting of Bartlesville's famous buildings as well as some Van Gogh similarities.

"Up and Away"

Sponsor: Remax of Bartlesville

Artist: Cindy Bennett

Located at Remax of Bartlesville, ?1809 Southeast Washington Boulevard?
and last but not least a REMAX buffalo.
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