Saturday, February 05, 2011

Snow-klahoma 2011

 During the blizzard
 Our hot tub was covered!
 This is at the end of the Blizzard

This is one of the smaller snowdrifts
  A snow cave and tunnel
We normally only get an average of 10" of snow per year.  This year we blew that away!  In one day our little town won the record with a whopping 21" of snow.  Crazy huh, it totally rocked Oklahoma and shut us down!  The grocery store aisles are empty, no milk, no bread!  People stocked up for this winter storm and they were smart to do that.  UPS has never shut down in the Tulsa area EVER and they shut down for 2 full days.  Kevin couldn't get out of the house even if he would have wanted to work, we were snowed it.  We played games, did school, played in the snow a little (it was below 0 most of the time), baked, cooked, stayed warm, read, slept and now we are ready to see friends again BUT another big storm is headed our way and they are predicting from 10-18" of snow for this one.

Enjoy the pictures!
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