Friday, June 08, 2012

Looking for a real job

I know everyone probably thinks we get paid to blog and we do but it's not much.  It might buy you dinner once or twice a month and as a bonus I do review a lot of products that are free but they won't pay the bills.  I love blogging and reviewing, homeschooling my kids and taking care of my family from home.  It's all come to an abrupt end for a season....I have to get a real job!  Kevin (my husband) was coming home from work a couple of weeks ago and a teenage boy pulled out in front of him and Kevin T-boned him going at least 40 MPH (the teen was ticketed for failure to yield).  Kevin was taken by ambulance to the hospital because his shoulder, neck and back were hurting so much he couldn't stand up.  The MRI's show that he tore a muscle in his lower back, separated his shoulder and has a bulging disk in C4 and 5.  This all adds up to the fact that he can't work until at least October, remember he is a UPS driver and has to be able to lift and carry 150 lbs before returning to his job.  We just found out that yes he does in fact have loss of time benefits and they pay him a whopping 1/4 of his normal weekly pay so in an effort to save our family from bankruptcy and starvation I'm looking for job.  I haven't been in the job world for 12 years, Makenzie came home in November 2000 and that was it for me.  My job since then has been mommy, cook, housekeeper, blogger, teacher, taxi driver... you know the basic Domestic Engineer.  Oh how I wish we got paid for all of that work!  Please keep me in your prayers as I enter  this phase, if you happen to know of a stay at home job that really pays and isn't a scam please leave me a comment!

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