Monday, April 04, 2011

An April Fools Day surprise-Cooking with Kenzie

Makenzie asked for cake decorating supplies for Christmas and ever since has been making cakes, cookies and cupcakes.  She's becoming quite the decorator.  We were headed over to my in laws for dinner on April 1st and Kenzie thought it would be perfect to make a "special" dinner just in time for April Fools Day, she actually made dessert...cupcakes that look like spaghetti!  I think she did a great job.  Did you do anything fun for April Fools Day?

 First she baked the cupcakes and let them cool, while they were cooling she made the Parmesan cheese out of white bakers chocolate that she grated on my microplaner.

 It looks pretty real to me!

 Next she iced all the cupcakes with white frosting that she added 2 or 3 drops of yellow food coloring.
 Next the she started making the crazy looking noodles.

Now she got malted milk balls and coated them with strawberry jam and placed on the cupcakes then she added the "cheese"

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