Wednesday, December 16, 2009

AA circus

The only pic I got of Grandma was the back of her head...sorry Grandma and they call me a scrapbooker???
See the baby elephant on the right? It was born in OK 2 yrs ago and is so adorable!

This is Brian (Connie's hubby) and he was picked out of the crowd to be in the circus!

Connie's girly girls...aren't they too cute!

Grandpa with the kiddos

Riding the elephant

It's a tradition in the Wedemeyer family that every year Grandpa will take the kids to the American Airlines performance of the circus and some years Kev and I go and sometimes we don't but this year we all went including Kevin's sister Connie and her whole family and Grandma went too! It was so fun! Thanks for a fun family tradition Grandpa!!!

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