Saturday, February 07, 2009

Big day!

Today was my first big day out and about since I have been sick and it was a really long day! Makenzie had a dance competition and we had to have her at the Performing Arts Center by noon for hair and makeup and then they danced around 2ish and awards were 5-6 so needless to say it was a VERY long day but very exciting because this was her first competition since she started dancing in Oct. and her hip hop group won first place. She's 8 and since all the other girls are older she has to dance in the 11-12 age group so we were very proud of her for keeping up with the older girls! Enjoy the pictures I love the won of her doing her scorpion freeze....let me know what you think! She told us that she was so happy to be competing again and that she had really missed it since she quit competitive cheerleading so she was so happy and it's always nice to see your children happy and confident!
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