Friday, January 23, 2009

100th day of school

Today is our 100th day of school and we are doing all kinds of fun things.
Here is a poem
100 days of learning,
100 days of fun,
100 day to work and play,
Aren't I the lucky one!

To start things off we did the following
100 exercises

named 10 things that would fit in a cup, 10 things in a grocery bag, 10 number sentences with 100 as the answer, 10 things you can do in 100 seconds and 10 things that add up to $100, 10 things that fit in a pencil box, roll the dice 10 times and show the results, 10 favorite toys, 10 kinds words we can say to others, 10 favorite snacks

We also used 100 cheerios in a project and told what we would do if someone gave us $100 bill. Kylan said he would give it to the church and Makenzie said she would give it to someone in need of food. I was proud of both of them!

We also had more 100 day activities and for more ideas click here!
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