Sunday, May 08, 2011

Happy Mother's Day 2011

Since I think most of you that read this blog are mom's or you have a mom I decided to post some funny things we found on You Tube...ENJOY!!!!

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Mrs. Tuna said...

Love the mom with lyrics!

stacey said...

Ok, a couple of these I've seen but not all. Laughing like crazy!

As a fellow adoptive mom, I wish you the most wonderful of Mother's Days! :-)

And, this was a nice selection... wanna do a guestpost/write up with these on my blog? :-)

Modern Mom Redefined ((Kelsi)) said...

haha! love these!!!!
I'm a new follower, come follow me and join my Monday Memories hop @

Amy said...

Hope you had a nice Mother's Day. Your blog is really cute!

Amy @ Missional Mama

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