Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Rhema Christmas Light Tradition

Just like every other year we headed out to look at Christmas lights at Rhema because it's a Wedemeyer Christmas tradition and I'm big on making memories with my family and keeping up with traditions!  Unlike other years we decided to take the kids out for a treat before we hit Rhema, we took them to The Melting Pot for dessert and they LOVED it (this could be the start of a new tradition!)
We were surprised this year when we got to Rhema because they had changed up all the light displays, they are normally all in the exact same locations.  This year they had more then 2 MILLION lights and it was beautiful and some of the lights were set to music and that was really cool!  I have this new camera and I haven't totally figured it out yet so my Christmas light pictures didn't turn out that great this year.

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