Thursday, December 16, 2010

Mystery Santa and $100

I just heard from family in Iowa that a mystery Santa has been walking around Des Moines, Iowa and passing out Christmas cards and taped to the back of the card is a $100 dollar bill!!! The people that received the cards started crying and asking if it was for real and he told them, Merry Christmas and to keep the gift.  When asked why he was doing this the mystery Santa said he was inspired by a similar mystery in Kansas City, where a secret Santa gives $100 bills to the less fortunate every year and that he wanted to start doing the same thing in Des Moines.
 Isn't that amazing, and very interesting?  What would you do if a Santa handed you a card with $100?  I asked my kids and Kylan said, "I would go buy a bunch of food at Aldi and take it to the poor" and Makenzie said, "I would use it for the Blessed to Bless bags that Punky Monkey Missions is doing."  I was so PROUD of my kids!  I thought for sure that Kylan would say he would buy a game but he really surprised me and thought of others, maybe all of our talks about helping those in need are sinking in!
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