Tuesday, November 09, 2010

iMOM-The 30 Day Mom Challenge

This is a great challenge, one way everyday to be a better mom!  I try really hard to be a great mom but sometimes it just seems overwhelming and I wonder am I doing enough, do they feel loved, will they grow up to love me or resent me, do they have the right focus in life,  will they be productive humans, and the list goes on and on.  We have this group in town called iMOM and every month they meet and talk about ways to be a better mom, they have mom's in the area speak to us and share tips on cleaning, coupons, etc.  It's always enjoyable...especially for a homeschool mom to get out and about and talk to other mommies.  Anyway, this month they have a 30 day mom challenge and I decided to join the challenge.  Let me know if you join too and how your month goes and if it changes you in any way!  Oh, by the way, I printed off the challenge sheet and hung it on my bathroom mirror so I can see it in the morning and at night...just a helpful reminder!
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