Sunday, January 31, 2010

The Boxcar Children #1

Kylan has been struggling with reading for the past couple of years and we've tried all different kinds of curriculum's like My Father's World, Saxon Phonics, Hooked on Phonics and just practice, practice and more practice and he still was just not "getting" it until I told him about The Boxcar Children books and I told him that he was going to read the first one to me. He did NOT like that idea and he cried and cried and said he couldn't do it but I insisted and told him I would help him out if he needed help with words and then I told that it was an adventure book because these kids get to live on their own in an old train boxcar and he wanted to know where the parents were so I said we just have to read the book and find out. He started in on the book and I quickly realized that he can read and he can read VERY well! I'm guessing that he just wasn't motivated before now or not interested or something but he finished the book and we are moving on to book #2 Surprise Island and he can't wait to see what the surprise is. We are in the middle of making a diorama of the boxcar and the children with the stream and everything. I will post when it's finished. Kylan wants to have a boxcar in our back yard but I told him we couldn't have an actual boxcar so we are going to put the tent up in the spring and him and Kenzie are going to "play" boxcar children. If you have any fun ideas regarding the boxcar series please leave comment!
I found some great printables on, they have a whole book report and comprehension questions for each boxcar book so it's well worth the $20 they charge for their service!
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