Saturday, June 20, 2009

Makenzie's 9th birthday!

This year Makenzie wanted a Little House on the Prairie birthday party. I tried to get the field at the church and any of the picnic areas in our town so we could play games and have a "prairie" look but everything was already booked up so I finally thought about Will Rogers Birthplace and it was PERFECT! I think everyone had a good time, we played potato sack races, bobbed for apples, made some whirligig toys, some kids wore their prairie dresses, and we petted and fed the animals, we also had an AWESOME, AMAZING log cabin cake that Aunt Connie made for Kenzie. To view more of her cakes or to order one click here and not only do the cakes look amazing they taste WONDERFUL!!!!

Kenzie was so happy that we had a bunch of family and a lot of her girlfriends at the party!!! Enjoy our take on Little House on the Prairie!

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