Thursday, June 18, 2009

Dr. Maltsberger

A couple of weeks ago I took Makenzie in to get her teeth checked because our dentist had told us that she was going to need braces. So, as we are sitting there with the orthodontist he says, "oh, it looks like Kylan is going to need them too. Can I check him right now." In my mind I'm thinking NO WAY, I don't want to have 2 in braces at the same time due to the cost factor! But I said OK and Kylan hopped up in the chair and of course he needs them too but then they tell me that the kids are great candidates for this other product that's similar to braces but is easier on children. It's called an occlus o guide or some call it Ortho-tain. They talk to me about prices and I am floored with how much braces cost...for 2! Anyway, yesterday was the big day that they got their appliances (that's what they call the mouth piece) so here are some pics of the process.
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