Thursday, May 07, 2009

UPDATE on Makenzie

Well, we were really hoping and praying for good news yesterday but the DR said he thinks she's actually a little bit worse so she is still home bound for another week. He switched out some of her meds and still wants her to do breathing treatments and continue to rest. It's a good things she's homeschoooled or she would miss the last part of the year! Anyway, she's pretty emotional right now because she's used to being busy with church, dance, karate, friends and homeschool activities...she cries several times a day and sleeps for hours at a time. If you know Makenzie then you know she's normally so happy and active. She's so sad because she will be missing several field trips and the end of the year get together with one of our homeschool groups but I told her that her health is so much more important then any of these other things. She cried for several days thinking that her dance teacher was going to kick her off the dance team for missing so many days of practice but we talked to Shayna and she told us not to worry about it because Kenzie is a hard worker and she still has several months until the national competition and that they are praying for her recovery....I just love Shayna!
Please keep praying for Kenzie and for me...I'm going a little stir crazy staying at home all of the time too!
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