Monday, December 15, 2008

Turnpike blowout!

Does anyone know how to download pics from your phone to your computer? I have a Razor phone and haven't been able to figure it out yet. We had a great Saturday going to OKC to visit friends and we delivered gift baskets for my mom's business. We spent the day with our friends Mika and Jim and we were talking about what a wonderful day it had been (as we are rolling down the turnpike) when all of the sudden BOOOM our tire blows out and we are going about 75-80 MPH. The kids are screaming and scared but you know my husband is a "professional" driver because he works for UPS so he gets us to the side of the road and we are fine except that for some reason we have NO flashlight in the suburban and we can't see anything and it was VERY windy and getting colder. We are just trying to get the tired lowered so Kevin can change it but semi's are driving by and won't get over and it's the drivers side front tire which is so dangerous on the Turnpike. I get back in the car and start praying that someone will stop and help us and all of the sudden I see 2 flashlights walking toward us and it's 2 teenage boys that had run out of gas and were walking back to their car. Well, one of them happens to work in his dad mechanic shop and knows exactly how to the tire lowered and changes the tire for us. What an answer to prayer they were! We are going to take them back to their car when a highway patrol shows up and helps us out by taking them back to their car. WHEW what a nasty experience that took us about 2 hrs total to get it changed and back on the road. I was going to take a picture of the tire but Kevin took it in and had it all fixed before I could even take a picture. Although we do have it on our cell phone if anyone knows how to get it off a razor phone please comment and I will post it (it's horrible).
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