Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Ice skating fun!

For the past couple of days we have been iced in and haven't made it out because the roads are slick and iced over and I don't want to drive on that mess. It took my husband 2 hours to get to work on Monday and it normally only takes about 20-30 min depending on traffic. Poor guy works for UPS so he's been driving on this all week and I KNOW he's sooo ready for it to warm up and melt away. Our kids aren't ready for it to melt though because they asked if they could go out and ice skate on our swimming pool, now you and I know it's not safe because that ice isn't very thing but in their minds it's totally fine and they want to ice skate so I told them to get on the trampoline and see if they could skate on it. They loved it! Nice and slick and ready to skate on but much safer then the swimming pool!
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