Tuesday, November 04, 2008

Please remember to VOTE today!

Since it's election time the kids and I are doing a unit study on the election. There are some great books out about voting (check my sidebar for the books) and we are also making a lapbook about the election of a President and here is another lapbook. Tonight as the results come in across the US we will color in each state on a map as Demoratic or Republican. Yesterday, we drove through our neighborhood and tallied up the campaign signs for each party. Obama signs=17 and McCain=13, the kids voted in the homeschool election this year in our area, and I will be taking the kids in to vote with me so they can see how it's done (if they will let me). We also made some cute finger puppets to go along with the election and a bunch of other pages that were fun for the kids.
We have also been talking about each parties platform and what they stand for or against...some of it is hard to explain to children so we just briefly touched on these issues!
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