Friday, May 09, 2008

I'm a non-mom mom?????????

NBC is holding a contest called America's Favorite Mom. For some reason they have classified adoptive mother's in the Non-mom mom catagory. It's truly heartbreaking that in 2008 with all the PC floating around, it never dawned on anyone at NBC how offensive this would be. You can check it out for yourself at can't believe that they would call all of us adoptive mom's "non-mom's". I feel like a mom and I have all of this love for my beautiful children...I brag about them like a mom, hug them like a mom, kiss thier owies like a mom, take care of them when they are sick and when they aren't, try to teach them wrong from right, raise them to love the Lord....Hmm, sounds like a mom to me!
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My good friend Dana...she's an adoptive mom also (and she's a super one at that) posted this on her blog and it really struck my wrong when I read it!

If you would like to email NBC and let them know how you feel please go to the comments and get the info. A special THANK YOU to K Gottes for posting that info.
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